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VAT and tax advisory

Foreign entities in Norway often face various challenges with regard of tax compliance. ECOVIS are here to asisst you in the area of VAT representation, tax, excise duties and project compliance.

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When a foreign company sells VAT-liable products or services in Norway, the company is obligated to register for VAT. ECOVIS has been assisting many cross-border companies over the years and has obtained unique insight in this area. We are able to support your business from A to Z in VAT and tax advisory.

– Construction/Installation

When performing a construction/installation project in Norway, the regulations are massive. It is therefore essential to make sure that your project is compliant with all statutory requirements such as minimum wage, project reporting (RF-1198) and HSE-card. Here are some bullet points for compliant activitiy in Norway: PROJECT COMPLIANCE CHECKLIST.

– E-Commerce (VOEC)

Operating an online shop? VOEC is a simplified VAT scheme designed for foreign E-commerce companies. By using the scheme, E-commerce companies can easily handle the VAT on behalf of their customers. As a result, the custom clearance process will also be simplier and faster. Read more about VAT on E-commerce (VOEC).

– VAT refund

If your company doesn’t have any business activities in Norway, you might be entitled for VAT refund on goods or services purchased in Norway. There are certain criteria to be met in order to receive a refund. Contact us for an evaluation!

Import of food or cosmetics

Any food business operator that wishes to import foodstuffs or cosmetics to Norway must be registered with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (NFSA). Read more about different types of registration.


One of the most important issues a foreign business must find out when operating in Norway, is the difference between permanent establishment and a non-permanent operation. All permanent establishments will be taxable to Norway with a company tax rate of 22%, so it is crucial to sort this out early. Contact us now in order to receive a consultation about this issue.

Click here if you want to read about the current tax rates.

Excise duties

Depending on the character of business, your company might need to handle excise duties such as Air Passenger Tax and Mineral Product Tax. Companies that have obligation for excise duties must reigster and report accordingly. Moreover, you should register the company no later than one month before production or import starts.

Personal tax return

Sending employees to Norway for a short period might trigger the liability to personal tax return. The personal tax return is due 30 April each year. Tax rates in Norway are progressive, which means the more you earn, the higher tax rate you pay for. We recommend to use the Tax Office’ calculator here to calculate your tax:

If you stay in Norway for a longer period, you should find out where you are globally taxable in order to avoid double taxation. This will also decide which country your assets and debt shall be reported to. For commuters, several beneficiary deductions are available. We can assist in filing tax returns for your employees, ensuring all benefits are claimed and reported in due time.

For corporate tax return, please find our services here – Accounting Services

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