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Work permit in Norway? Our experts are here to help you!

For professionals with an assignment in Norway, the immigration process is rather bureaucratic and complex to manage without seeking assistance. Luckily, our global mobility and relocation department can provide excellent and efficient immigration applications, and is ready to assist in any case immediately.

The process of immigrations varies depending on if the expat/contractor is from within or outside of the EU/EEA. Regardless, these are some of the steps in the immigration application service:

Contact with assignee

The assignee is contacted to inform, guide and respond to matters relevant to the application. A pre-reigstration is also done with the UDI.

Request necessary documentation from the employer

We only assist assignees with a confirmed assignment in Norway. The employer of the assignee is contacted to provide further relevant information to the application.

Read through and check

Before submitting all relevant documents to UDI (Directorate of Immigration), all papers are controlled to make sure the application will be approved without unncessary and time consuming additional mail to and from UDI.

Submittal of application and follow-up

The application is submitted and kept track of through the process management system. This is updated and the assignee is informed of UDI’s decision.

Whatch our presentation about work permit applications here:

Project compliance

Our Global Mobility services

For the contractor coming to Norway it is important to settle-in and not spend all his/her time on administrating the stay. Through our relocation services, time can rather be spent on enjoying the new existence.

  • We help you understand the regulation
  • We help break down barriers to immigration
  • We help resolve any relocation issues you might have
  • We help align your strategy with actions
  • We help companies comply with Norway in short time

We help comapanies and expats with work permit applications. An assumption to get work permit to Norway, is that the person already has an assignmnet within the minimum framework defined by the UDI.

Setting up a bank account, health care, driver’s license, shool for kids, activities. You name it. Everything to make the assignee settle in.

Obtaining a tax card and a personal ID-number is obligatory when staying in Norway for work.

We can also help in planning orientation tours, renewal of immigration, locating expat and cultural networks and organizing the departure. Just contact us, and we can set up a call to discuss your needs.

Mathias Dyve Simenstad

I’ll help you start your stay in Norway ensuring everything runs smoothly.