VAT representation and tax advisory

Compliant advisory for foreign entities in Norway.

VAT representation and tax advisory

Compliant advisory for foreign entities in Norway.

by ecovisnorway

Foreign entities in Norway often face various challenges with regard of tax compliance. ECOVIS are here to asisst you in the area of VAT representation, tax, excise duties and project compliance.

VAT compliance

When a foreign company sells VAT-liable goods or services within Norway, the company is obligated to register for VAT. Having more than 10 year’s experiences, ECOVIS have gained in-depth knowledge on the topic. We are able to assist your business from A to Z.

– Construction industry

Especially for an installation/construction company, the regulations are even more complicated. Read more here if your company will have a installation/construction project in Norway.

– E-Commerce (VOES/VOEC)

Having an online-shop outside Norway? Most foreign e-commerce businesses register for VAT in Norway. By doing this, you clear custom taxes so your customers don’t need to do it by themselves. We can set up a suitable solution for your business and handle the taxes. So you can focus on your core business.

– The NOK 350 import Limit for tax/duties exemption

Until now, all imports with a value below NOK 350 is exempted for import VAT and duties. From. 01 January 2020, this limit will be abolished. For your E-Commerce business, it means ALL imported goods are subject to VAT from the first norwegian krone. The Norwegian Tax Administration is planning a new VAT scheme called VOEC (VAT on E-Commerce) which starts from 1 April 2020. Contact us for a seamless transition to VOEC, or read more about VOEC here.

VAT refund

If your company doesn’t have any business activities in Norway, you might be entitled for VAT refund on your purchased goods or services. There are certain conditions that must be met and deadlines that must be reached. Contact us for an evaluation!

Excise duties

There are several specified excise duties, for example Air Passenger Tax and Mineral Product Tax. Companies that have obligation for excise duties must reigster and report the excise duties electronically. You should register the company no later than one month before production or import starts.

Personal tax return

The personal tax return is due 30 April each year. The estimation of total taxes to pay is a mathematical calculation with progressive taxes based on the level of income. To calculate your tax, we recommend visiting the Tax Office’ calculation site:

If you stay in Norway for a longer period of time, it is important to determine where you are globally taxable in order to avoid double taxation, but also to which country all assets and debt is to be reported. Commuters and professionals that stay in Norway for shorter period of time (2 years) have several beneficiary deductions they may claim. We can assist in filing tax returns for professionals without global taxability in Norway, ensuring all benefits are claimed and reported in due time.

Learn more about registrations in Norway by watching this video:

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