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For companies with employees in Norway, payroll is a crucial service that just need to work perfectly. ECOVIS in Norway is a premium payroll provider specialized in payroll for international companies in Norway.

Our payroll consultants have broad experience in finding the right solutions for our clients, and we can take care of all your payroll needs in Norway. Our team is specialized in doing payroll for international companies in Norway, and feel free to contact us for a free chat about your needs for payroll services.

Payroll in Norway

Do you need to run payoll for your employees in Norway? That is the first question you must raise. The answer depends on the setup of your business and any tax treaty between Norway and your country. You may send an email to us and explain your plans, and we can guide you in the right direction.

What can we do for you?

We can take care of your HR and payroll administration from the day you start your business in Norway.

Our services includes:

  • Setup of employer entity
  • Onboarding of new employees, inc. work agreements and registrations
  • Payroll calculation and distribution of payslips
  • Holiday pay calcaultion
  • Sick leave refunds
  • Travel and expence reports
  • Administration of pensions
  • Monthly reporting and payment of taxes
  • Year-end procedures
  • Submission of tax returns

Professional Employment Organization (PEO) for expats/contractors

We are specialized in payroll solutions for contractors and foreign companies with one or more employees in Norway. For companies with no branch in Norway, an employed solution through our umbrella company might be an option. Please read more about these services here. Our Global Mobility department might also assist with immigration, work permit, registrations and house finding.

Taxes in Norway

In Norway there are several tax elements to deal with when you have employees. The social security paid by the employer is 14,1% of the gross salary in most of the country, and personal income taxes starts has a base of 22%, but increases rapidly with higher income. You may send us an example of a gross salary, and we can send you a full breakdown of total costs in Norway. A nice tool you may check to calculate a person’s taxes in Norway, is this calculator from the Tax Authorities.

At ECOVIS we aim for the best

Our team of specialists provide a high level of service and ensure dedication and focus on your unique needs. We are able to provide and facilitate payroll in accordance to local legislation – tailored to your preferred set-up, mix of employees and requirements.

We ensure to keep you well informed on legislative changes to ensure on full compliance with local law and legislation, since our main focus is payroll for international companies in Norway.

Our payroll consultants and accountants have focus on your data being processed timely and correctly in order to secure an on-time payment of salaries and correct reporting/settlement towards the different authorities in accordance with the strict GDPR rules.

In Norway the holiday pay is accrued during the year, and settled either at the end of a contract or before the holiday the following year. The minimum number of holidays are 21 (equal to 10,2% holiday pay rate).

National insurance or social contributions are calculated based on an employees gross taxable wage. In Norway there are several zones giving different rates, but the most common rate is 14,1% of a gross salary. EU nationals working for EU companies might apply for A1 forms, which enables a rate of 0% in Norway.

The Norwegian tax rates are based on size of the gross salary, and has bracket levels giving higher rates on higher salaries.

All employees in Norway must apply for a tax card before they start working in Norway. This card specifies how much withholding taxes that the employer must deduct and pay to the authorities, but the actual taxes might be higher or lower than what the card specifies.

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