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Home search in Norway

Are you in contention of securing a job offer in Norway? Perhaps you have been presented an excited opportunity in your company to work on a project in Norway for several years to come?

If that is the case, you need to find that perfect place to settle down for the length of stay in your new home country. Do you know what to look for when sourcing the rental market in a typically heated market?

When moving to a new country, finding that ideal property to live in may be more stressful and more difficult than initially anticipated.

As a foreign employee, how can you know a lease contract is standard and compliant with Norwegian regulations when a real estate agent or private owner presents you with a lease contract, stating all the clauses and regulations are mandatory?

The purpose of the ECOVIS home-search program is to assist foreign employees with potential family members with identifying and sourcing suitable housing options. By closely assessing most valued preferences for the foreign employee, ECOVIS aims to safely assist with finding the most ideal property in order for the employee to have full focus on work and for potential family members to have the best possible start to life in Norway.

It is a fact that he property rental market in Norway can be fast moving, particularly in and around the more populated areas like Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim. You are not guaranteed to be selected for your preferred property and in many cases, you may need to sign an interest form before an owner or agent decides which candidate they prefer as tenant. This can come as a big surprise to many foreign employees who relocate here.

Most rental objects are advertised by real estate brokers and private homeowners. However not all available properties are listed online. ECOVIS has access to a large network of contacts in the industry with access to many unlisted properties.

The advantages of acquiring assistance from ECOVIS are as follows:
–  Large network of contacts, more properties available
–  Client representation – we are your agent. Accompanying the client to viewings and liaising with landlords and real estate brokers at all times
–  Lease negotiation – we constantly seek the best deal for our clients
–  Contract read-through – all binding lease contracts in Norway are in Norwegian. We ensure the agreement between client and landlord is adhering to Norwegian law
–  Move-in Inspection / Handover Assistance – we can accompany our clients at the handover of a new property, taking a thorough inspection and document this on file so any risk of potential claim against the tenant is minimized
–  Assistance with utility subscriptions – In Norway it can be frustrating to set up an electricity
or internet subscription if you do not speak Norwegian and do not know the providers. We can assist our clients throughout this process

Temporary Accommodation

Did you know?
ECOVIS can book serviced apartments for clients free of charge, with no booking fee. We have access to several providers around Norway so we can ensure we find you a good deal. Just send us an email to and we facilitate it.

At ECOVIS, we are essentially your agent/representative. Most foreign employees relocating around the world on projects tend to have high workloads and therefore the immigration & relocation process can cause a lot of stress which has a negative impact on the delivery at work.

Therefore, we pride ourselves on client representation and acknowledge the importance of “hands on” delivery, representing our clients when communicating with tax authorities, the police, real estate agents etc. Our goal is to make it as efficient and effective as possible so you can focus on your assignment from day

“We are your agent. You go to work, we do the rest.’’