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EOR in Norway

We offer Employer of Record (EOR) services for international consultants in Norway with full compliance with Norwegian legislation. Contact us now for a projection!

Working as a consultant in Norway

When given an opportunity to work in Norway, there are numerous aspects to assess prior to project start. Most consultants worry about their earnings or retention from their contract rate. Most companies worry about compliance and onboarding. We can enlighten both parties by providing a projection and guaranteeing compliance, just ask us to.

Being on payroll – how does it work?

We will formally be the employer of the consultant(s) working in Norway. In being the employer, we will run the payroll, handle the taxation, pay national insurance, perform the payments, support and advise in complex matters and guarantee compliance along with it.

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Worried contractor
Contractor in Norway

Essential Benefits of the Service

The need for establishing a company in Norway is no longer current, as we will handle all the administration. All the knowledge needed for onboarding and facilitating consultants in Norway is supplied by us, which means you don’t have to spend weeks finding out aspects of Norwegian employment we already know.

  • We provide a projection and breakdown of figures based on a rate
  • We contact the contractor in the start-phase, answering all questions
  • We agree on terms and provide contracts to ensure a compliant arrangement
  • We onboard the contractor and handle all aspects of being employed in Norway (and the Nordics)
  • You have a guarantee of compliance and can leave the administration to us

Retention essentially means what is left as a payable net salary after all taxes, pension, insurance, fee, holiday pay and social security is taken out. It’s a complex estimation which shows the estimated return on a given rate. We produce more than 1000 projections each year, and are happy to to provide you with one as well.

Foreign and domestic agencies can utilise our services. It may enable you to place talent efficiently and compliant. We agree on terms and the rest is up to us. We even facilitate Non-EU personnel through our work permit and relocation services, potentially opening up a whole new market for you.

For Norwegian companies we can facilitate the arrival and running payroll for your hired personnel. Simply contact us and we can explain how. Utilising our employment services will simplify the usage of foreign and national personnel, as you don’t have to spend time administrating nor obtaining the knowledge about:
– How to onboard a consultant
– Tax rules and implications
– Formalities
– Local rules and regulations

If you are a contrator with a possible assignment in Norway, we recommend speaking to us before you choose whether to accepts. We provide a breakdown of all figures from your rate, allowing you to make an informed decision on your possiblity. Furthermore we will also handle all your compliance and formalities, including hiring you and running your payroll.

Onboarding, in our meaning, means gathering all the necessary information, formalities, registrations and permits to ensure that a person is able to work compliantly in Norway. It’s a rather big task to makes sure everything is in order, but we have the oversight and know-how.

After having prepared all documents and formalities, it’s time for the on-going phase. The routine is normally that we invoice the desired client, and upon receival of payment, we run the payroll. We do offer express payment services in cases where the credit time is stretched. We declare all relevant taxes, national insurance and so forth, and also disbursing the funds. In essence we like to think that we are making it easy to be employed.

The Norwegian income tax scheme is progressive. In general it is safe to say that the more you earn, the more you pay in taxes. We will assess the situation of our employees and advise on the options which legally offers the best retention. This may include deductions such as commuter benefits and also the newly introduced PAYE-scheme, which is very important to calculate correct.

Foreign consultants working in Norway must be obtain a working permit (if from outside of the EU) and also obtain a D-number and be identified at the local police office. We can facilitate all the aspects of coming to Norway, including the abovementioned, and also setting up a bank account, finding a house/apartment, and much more. Read more about this in our mobility services section.

Mathias D. Simenstad

I’ll help you project and succeed, both if you’re placing or hiring consultants in Norway.