Remote workers abroad?

Myployer - borderless employment for remote workers

Remote workers abroad?

Myployer - borderless employment for remote workers

by ecovisnorway
Myployer is short for “My Employer”, and by this you can trust that we will act as the employer for your remote staff, wherever they are located.

Working as a remote employee

From the Corona pandemic companies around the world learned that it is possible and even efficient to have staff located outside the main office and even outside the country. In ECOVIS Myployer we have a large network of EOR/PEO partners that can act as employers in any country in the world, enabling your remote staff to work locally for your organization.

Using ECOVIS Myployer – how does it work?

If your company has an employee in Germany, Dubai, Singapore or any other country, ECOVIS Myployer will take care of the formal employment in the relevant jurisdiction. We will act as the local employer, and the employee will receive salary and benefits through us. Your company does not need to register locally, and on a monthly basis you will receive an invoice from us with the total salary costs.

Worried contractor
Contractor in Norway

Essential Benefits of the Service

The need for establishing a company in several jurisditcions are not needed, as we will handle all the administration and local employment.

  • We provide a projection and breakdown of figures based on a rate
  • We contact the contractor in the start-phase, answering all questions
  • We facilitate local employment in the country of the remote employee
  • We agree on terms and provide contracts to ensure a compliant arrangement
  • We onboard the contractor and handle all aspects of being employed in each country
  • You have a guarantee of compliance and can leave the administration to us

Be aware of that in some circumstances you may operate with a permanent establishment, and in these cases you will need to register your company in the country in question. Our network of accountants and lawyers may of course assist you with this.

A remote worker is an employee not working from your regular office. It can be a remote worker in the same country or abroad. We assist remote workers in other countries than where you operate from.

In order to be compliant with remote workers working from other countries, you will need to connect the employee with a local employer in his/hers country. ECOVIS has a large network of offices and partners that can act as the local employer. We will then take care of local employment contracts, tax reporting and payroll on behalf of your company.

In countries where you establish an office or have local leadership, you may be categorized as a “permanent establishment”. This means that your company must register a local entity and employ local staff in this organization instead of using our “Myployer” solution. ECOVIS may of course assist you with registering permanent establishments.

Mathias D. Simenstad

Contact us if you want to hear more about our borderless employment services for remote workers abroad.