How will Brexit affect Brits in Norway from 1 January 2021?

How will Brexit affect Brits in Norway from 1 January 2021?

by ecovisnorway

Due to Brexit, UK nationals will from January 1st 2021 when the agreed transition period ends no longer be considered as EU/EEA nationals.

What kind of implications will this have for UK nationals already living and working in Norway, or potentially for UK employers planning to send UK nationals to work in Norway? Based on information from the Norwegian authorities, UK nationals will have 2 sets of rules and guidelines to follow in order to either continue their stay in Norway, or potentially take up legal work in Norway after Brexit.

Initial information is that the visa waiver agreement between Norway and UK will still allow UK nationals to travel to Norway without applying for an entry visa after Brexit. However, this does NOT allow the UK national to take up any work in Norway.

If you are a UK employer considering to second UK nationals to work in Norway in 2021, it will be crucial to plan now to make sure your employees work compliantly in regards to the regulations that will be applicable for these employers.

As UK nationals will no longer be considered EU/EEA nationals, they will be in need of a residence permit to take up work in Norway. In other words, UK nationals will need to apply for a residence permit prior to coming to Norway as a 3rd country national from 1 January 2021.

For any questions related to how to proceed with this or potential requirements communicated by the authorities, feel free to get in touch with ECOVIS today to get assistance with applying for the necessary permit for these employees and potential family members.

For employees with a contract directly with a Norwegian entity paid in Norway and potential family members already residing in Norway, you are entitled to continue your stay in Norway. Be advised that you will need to register and apply for a residence card to confirm you have legal stay in Norway, however this process is not yet established and finalized by the Norwegian authorities. Should you as an employee or your employer have any questions related to this process, feel free to reach out to ECOVIS today to discuss.

For any additional questions related to Brexit or other queries related to foreign employees working in Norway or potential projects for foreign companies in Norway, patner up with ECOVIS today to make sure you as an employee or employer operates compliantly in Norway.