Get a bank account in 24 hours

How to apply for a bank account in Norway

Get a bank account in 24 hours

How to apply for a bank account in Norway

by ecovisnorway

One of the puzzles that needs to be solved prior to living in Norway in harmony is obtaining a bank account. This tricky obstacle is often time consuming and hard to overcome. We know this. As a consequence we have talked to most banks in Norway to find that special connection that enables us to provide a service which stands out from everyone else. With the focus of minimising the hassle and reducing the obstacles of entering and residing in Norway.

Bank account in one day

The process of obtaining a Norwegian bank account can be frustrating if you do not hold a Norwegian passport. The waiting time to open an account for foreigners living in Norway can be up to 8 weeks.

Bank ID

Through our banking contact, we will assist with opening an account with English mobile banking and in addition give you access to BankID. BankID makes living in Norway easier. The BankID is used as a unique electronic identication method, and will give you easier access to your bank account, signing of possible lease agreements as well as a number of public services. The only thing you need is a D-number and a valid employment contract.
We will fix the rest.

For information on how to obtain the important D-number, here’s a link to the official page:

Ecovis may of course also provide all the assistance needed in obtaning a
D-number as smooth and efficient as possible.

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