Datacenter in Norway

Datacenter in Norway

by ecovisnorway

Datacenters are becoming an increasingly necessary part of our society today.

Norway and its government has chosen an active strategy to make Norway an attractive target for placing industrial datacenters.

This is done through 1) Large investments in infrastructure; 2) Reduction of taxes on electricity and property tax; 3) Increased amount of IT-study places on Norwegian schools; 4) Increased allocation to Innovation Norway which in turn is allocated to “Invest in Norway” to raise the visibility of Norway as a datacenter-location

Norway also has one of the greenest electricity in the world, with much of its electricity coming from sea, wind and other renewable resources

To start and operate datacenters in Norway, you might be aware of some major governmental stakeholders: Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation which is responsible to policy making, the local municipality which is responsible for planning and building and The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate which manages Norway’s water and energy resources.

ECOVIS in Norway has been supporting a variety of different companies involved in constructing and operating datacenters. Our knowledge within this sector helps foreign companies involved in achieving a compliant and reliable structure for working in Norway.

We support them with forming entities, immigration and relocation services, payroll and accounting, and advising on their operations.

As we may offer all compliance services needed to operate in the Norwegian market, we strongly feel we can give an added value to existing or future companies involved in this industry.

If you are interested or would like to discuss a potential cooperation with us, please contact us.