Norway New Year Traditions

Learn some details on how we celebrate New Year’s eve in Norway!


Norway New Year Traditions

Learn some details on how we celebrate New Year’s eve in Norway!

by ecovisnorway

by ecovisnorway

How do you celebrate New Year in Norway?

In Norway it is common to celebrate the New Year’s Eve with friends and familiy. This in the thick of winter and thus it is normal to spend most of the day indoor. When the clock hits 24.00 (12 PM) everyone usually gathers outside to set off fireworks and wish everyone present a Happy New Year.

In this post we describe some traditions associated with New Year’s Eve in Norway.


Fireworks is a usual sighting on the eve of New Year. For many parents it is not uncommon to let the children witness some fireworks before going to bed, meaning there often is fireworks going off throughout the evening. It is not allowed with “rocket” fireworks in Norway, only batteries and smaller fireworks. In cities it is normal that there is a professionally arranged firework show at midninght.


New Year’s Eve is one week after Christmas Eve and many people are at this time a bit tired of the traditional Christmas food in Norway. Therefore, it is common to serve turkey, steaks, fish or other food for dinner not closely associated with Christmas food.


For good or for bad, many enjoy alcohol on New Year’s Eve. It is regarded as a festive evening and there will be many hosted dinners with especially Champagne or sparkling wine served closer to midnight.

New Year’s Resolution

Many people will set resolutions for the coming year. Most frequently these may relate to diet, exercise and good habits in general. New gym memberships will boom in January and February, and sadly decline throughout the spring.

Other traditions

There will be variations in traditions for celebrating New Year’s Eve in different parts of the country depending on being in the north, south, east or west. In some areas visiting the graves of the departed is a strong tradition, and in other parts it is normal to have a special breakfast.