Month: April 2023

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A Guide to Annual Tax Assessment in Norway

What is a tax assessment?

Your annual tax assessment is a document that shows how much tax you owe or how much you will receive as a tax refund. It is sent to you by Skatteetaten (the Norwegian Tax Administration) and is sent out during March and April with 31st of April as the due date for filing.

The tax assessment includes information on your income, deductions, and tax liability for the previous year. If you are owed a refund, the assessment will also show the amount you will receive and when you can expect to receive it. If you owe taxes, the assessment will show the amount you owe and the deadline for payment. Read more here about tax returns for businesses.

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Time Tracking Obligation in Norway

Mandatory time tracking

Time tracking is used in many different professions to register working hours and overtime or as a basis for invoicing. Examples of professions that record hours are craftsmen, lawyers, cleaners, graphic designers, or consultants.

Both the Working Environment Act and the Bookkeeping Regulations state the requirements for time tracking.

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