Brexit – Different possibilities of obtaining valid work & residence permit


Brexit – Different possibilities of obtaining valid work & residence permit

by ecovisnorway

by ecovisnorway

Since the transition period related to Brexit ended on 31.12.2020, all UK nationals offered the possibility to work in Norway need a valid work & residence permit before they can start their assignment.

If you are offered a position to work in Norway, you have 2 options when it comes to the type of permit you can apply for towards UDI.

Option 1 is to be locally hired in Norway with a local work contract from a Norwegian entity. This will require you to be paid in NOK for the work you do in Norway. UDI has communicated the minimum wage level you need to be offered as well. Information about the wage level can be found here.

Option 2 is to work on a temporary assignment in Norway as a seconded employee. This means you need to be hired with a local work contract in host country and offered to work on a temporary assignment for a Norwegian entity. The wage level required for this type of permit is the same as local hire. 

How about those UK nationals operating via their own UK LTD companies? Is it any kind of possibility to still operate via a LTD and work on assignments for Norwegian clients? The answer to this is yes. You are entitled to use your LTD if you follow the guidelines described in option 2. Going forward, this article will highlight the possibilities and criterias you need to consider when operating via a UK LTD company

Below you will be able to review important factors to consider if you as a UK national have been offered a position to work in Norway and you want to continue working via your LTD in UK. You can also contact us directly here to get more hands on information if you have been offered a position in Norway. 

If you operate via your LTD company you are excempted from the requirement of providing a local work contract in host country. As a replacement you can provide your company certificate and a confirmation you are the owner of this company.

It is a requirement that you hold a direct agreement with the Norwegian end client. UDI only accepts 2 companies in the contract chain which refers to the LTD and Norwegian end client. The Norwegian end client cannot be an agency planning to hire you out to a third company. This will not be accepted by UDI.

You still need to provide information to UDI confirming if you hold a university degree or if you have completed a vocational training programme that is accepted by UDI. If you cannot provide any information on this, you need to provide documentation of your work experience from current and previous employers. These reference letters needs to in detail describe how long you worked for the company, what training you were given, your tasks and qualifications. ECOVIS can provide templates on these letters. Get in touch with us here to learn more about these criterias. 

This article is a brief summary of what is required for UK nationals looking to engage in contracts with Norwegian clients. For a more detailed explanation and advice, ECOVIS is ready to assist with obtaining the necessary permit to ensure compliance is followed for both you as employee, your UK LTD and your Norwegian end client.

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