Month: October 2022

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VAT for foreign enterprises in Norway

VAT Obligation

VAT obligation for a foreign enterprise doing business in Norway can be tricky. ECOVIS has summarized some rules here for you to navigate through the complex regulations.

Obligation for VAT will occur when an enterprise has sold goods or services over NOK 50 000 during the last 12 months. For non-profit organizations, the threshold is NOK 140 000. For a foreign enterprise without having any registration in Norway, it is important to start the registration process in good time as the VAT-registration requires the enterprise to have a Norwegian organization number first. Sometimes, it can take more than 1 month to obtain such a number. Late VAT registration and payment can lead to interests and additional tax.

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How to do business in Norway

Norway is a great place to do business. As a foreign company you will find Norway as a trustable country with safe business environments, efficient decision-making processes and friendly counterparts. In this article we describe tips and tricks to think about and which compliance you must have in place before starting your business in Norway.

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Holiday Pay in Norway

A question we tend to get a lot is “how is holiday pay calculated in Norway”.

We understand that it may be confusing, and we would like to try and explain it in a way that makes it more understandable.

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Payroll is one of the most important services of Ecovis in Norway, and we ensure to perform this as a service with a high focus on compliance and doing it correct. We work consistently with this through going to courses, updating ourselves on the newest regulations and use payroll systems which leave less room for error. Whenever an employer has an employee which receives salary for work performed in Norway, this needs to be payrolled and reported to the Norwegian tax authorities. We have extensive experience in assisting both foreign and local companies with payroll services.

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Work permits to Norway

On a general note, NON-EU nationals needs a work- and residence permit to Norway to be able to
come to Norway for work. There is some excemptions to the requirements for work- and residence
permits if the contract or assignment is for less than 3 months, however this will depend on your
profession and working tasks. You can reach out to ECOVIS here for consultation to see if a work- and
residence permit is needed for your assignment in Norway.
To be able to obtain a work- and residence permit to Norway, you need to have a valid work offer
from a Norwegian company. You can either by directly hired by the Norwegian company or you can
work on an assignment for either the Norwegian branch of your employer abroad or a Norwegian
client of your employer abroad.
To be able to qualify for a work- and residence permit you need to fulfill one of the requirements

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