Month: August 2021

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Green country, red country, deep red, orange or purple country. What does it mean? Can I enter? Will I need to quarantine?

It is a lot of information, and it can be confusing when trying to find out what it all means for you. We will try and make it a little easier.

At you can see an updated map every Monday of the various countries and the color they currently have.  

First, we will look at those within EU/Schengen/UK.

  • Green countries: you can travel to Norway even if you do not have your vaccine pass. You will need to be able to show that you reside in the green country and not just passed through. You do not need to test before you enter Norway or quarantine. However, you will need to test yourself at the border and register your entry: If you have a valid corona certificate that follows the EU rules for digital corona certificate, you will not need to be tested at the border or register your entry.
  • Other’s that can enter within EU/Schengen/UK: if you have a Covid-19 certificate (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish or EU digital COVID certificate) with a QR code that can be verified by the Norwegian authorities that proves you have had the vaccination or previous illness, you can enter.
  • Those that does not come from a green country or can prove they have a valid certificate, will have to quarantine.

Some countries outside of the EU/Schengen area now have a purple color. A purple third country means you can enter if you are to visit a family member (spouse, cohabitant, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, parents or grandparents) or a boyfriend/girlfriend. You will need to send an application to UDI.  People from these countries will need to quarantine upon arrival. If you want to read more about quarantine, please visit: For additional information about exemptions, kindly visit this link to get the latest updated information: