Housing in Norway


Housing in Norway

by ecovisnorway

by ecovisnorway
By Joseph Kinane, Operations Manager @Ecovis
House rental

There are so many elements to moving abroad, from obtaining a work permit to tax registration to opening a bank account and learning the language for example. However, it is finding a suitable place to live which can often be the most personal and critical factor when moving to a new country. This is even more prevalent when a family is relocating with the expat.

I have worked a great deal in the area of housing expats since moving to Norway in 2012, accompanying many individual expats with their families to attend viewing after viewing in pursuit of the house or apartment they can call home. It is thoroughly rewarding when they find something that fits their criteria. I remind our clients that it pays to get advice and to take your time before jumping into a decision.

The property market in Norway moves fast with a lot more demand than supply, particularly in Oslo and the more populated cities. The standard is minimalistic in this country which often surprises expats who have experienced a different level in other countries. The negotiation process is also different. You may not always get your first choice and owners may not wait around too long for you to decide.

At Ecovis, we have several clients building data centres and construction companies sending workers to Norway on projects. These workers need assistance to get to work and we know how complicated this can be, particularly with BREXIT.

Our company has a large network within the housing industry. This network refers to real estate agents, private homeowners and serviced apartment companies. We also deal with several hotel chains; therefore, you are guaranteed to get the best deal possible with our assistance. We cater for any length of stay and have contacts all over Norway.

From my experience in this global mobility industry, I have noticed more and more how expats appreciate the perks of having an agent/representative throughout the moving process. The more we do, the less they do and the more efficient and cost effective the solution is for the employer. Research shows that it can cost a company three times the yearly salary of an employee when sending him/her on a traditional 3-year international assignment. It is therefore imperative that the expats and their families receive the best possible attention in order to maximise the investment.

When acquiring the services of Ecovis, you are guaranteed experienced professionals with knowledge and enthusiasm. We represent, we negotiate, and above all, we deliver.